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The Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) initially investigated the tunnel proposal in secret through Project Polaris, before the government allocated $35 million for a study and established a new entity called North Brisbane Infrastructure within QIC to move the project forward. Tolling operator Transurban also expressed interest in adding the tunnel to its network of paid routes in Brisbane. The project has the support of Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and his LNP-dominated council, who have been examining similar proposals to determine the fate of the North West Transport Corridor. Despite no plans to develop the corridor, local MP Mellish has ruled out relinquishing any state-owned assets, even though there have been claims of potential motorway and rail line projects in the area.

The lord mayor and the LNP campaigned in support of the tunnel at the council election in March, as south-east Queensland faces growing pains and uncertainty regarding funding from the federal Labor government. Premier Steven Miles has called for limits on overseas migration to align infrastructure plans with population growth, citing a significant increase in daily trips on the region’s transportation networks over the past five years due to migration. Although the Queensland government has not specified an ideal level of population growth, Miles has welcomed recent commitments from federal leaders to slow international migration.

In response to the challenges posed by population growth and congestion, the Queensland government has taken steps to address the issue by calling for limits on overseas migration. Premier Steven Miles has highlighted the impact of increased migration on the region’s transportation networks, leading to a need for infrastructure improvements to accommodate the growing number of daily trips. The government has not specified a target for population growth, but recent commitments from federal leaders to slow international migration have been welcomed as a step towards managing congestion and addressing infrastructure needs.

The tunnel project in Brisbane has gained support from various stakeholders, including QIC, Transurban, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, and the LNP-dominated council. Despite differences in proposed development plans for the North West Transport Corridor, there is a shared interest in advancing infrastructure projects to address the region’s transportation challenges. The government’s investment in studying the tunnel proposal reflects a commitment to finding solutions to alleviate congestion and improve connectivity across Brisbane.

As the debate over the tunnel project continues, local MP Mellish has emphasized the importance of retaining state-owned assets and has ruled out relinquishing any assets along the corridor. While there have been competing claims regarding potential motorway and rail line projects in the area, the focus remains on addressing the region’s transportation needs through strategic infrastructure investments. The government’s partnership with key stakeholders and its willingness to explore innovative solutions demonstrate a proactive approach to tackling congestion and improving connectivity in Brisbane.

Overall, the tunnel project represents a significant opportunity to address the transportation challenges facing Brisbane and enhance the region’s infrastructure network. With the support of key stakeholders, including government agencies, tolling operators, and local officials, there is a concerted effort to advance the project and explore potential solutions to congestion and growing pains in south-east Queensland. By considering limits on overseas migration and aligning population growth with infrastructure plans, the government is taking proactive steps to manage congestion and address the region’s evolving transportation needs.

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