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Mauricio Umansky, husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, recently confessed that he “doesn’t care” about Kyle’s co-stars on the show. This comes as Kyle continues to deny dating rumors surrounding herself and country singer Morgan Wade. Kyle recently left a flirty comment on Morgan’s Instagram post, jokingly suggesting they are more than just friends. Despite their denials, speculation arose during the RHOBH reunion when Kyle defended kissing Morgan in a music video.

In a recent Instagram post, Morgan Wade shared a video of herself dressed in a cowboy hat and flannel shirt, with Kyle commenting, “Save a horse, ride a cowgirl.” This playful interaction between the two women added fuel to the dating rumors, though Morgan responded with a laughing emoji. Despite the speculation, both women have maintained that their relationship is strictly platonic, but Kyle’s defense of their on-screen kiss has raised eyebrows among fans and co-stars alike.

As Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade continue to navigate rumors about their relationship, Mauricio Umansky has made it clear that he is unfazed by the speculation surrounding his wife’s friendships on RHOBH. While Kyle and Morgan have both denied any romantic involvement, their interactions on social media and on the show have left fans questioning the nature of their relationship. Kyle’s playful comment on Morgan’s Instagram post only added to the speculation, but both women have remained steadfast in their assertion that they are just friends.

The ongoing drama between Kyle Richards, Morgan Wade, and other RHOBH co-stars has kept fans glued to their screens, eagerly anticipating any updates on the situation. While Mauricio Umansky has expressed his disinterest in Kyle’s co-stars, the rumors surrounding Kyle and Morgan’s relationship continue to swirl. Despite their repeated denials, the women’s interactions on social media and the show have kept fans guessing about the true nature of their connection.

As the controversy surrounding Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade unfolds, the two women have faced scrutiny from fans and co-stars alike. Kyle’s defense of their on-screen kiss has added a new layer to the speculation, with many wondering if there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. While both women have maintained that they are just friends, the playful banter on social media and their interactions on the show have only fueled the rumors further, leaving fans eager for any updates on the situation.

In conclusion, Mauricio Umansky’s indifference to Kyle Richards’ co-stars on RHOBH contrasts with the ongoing drama surrounding Kyle and Morgan Wade’s relationship. Despite their denials, the playful interactions between the two women have sparked rumors of a romantic connection. As the situation continues to unfold, fans are left wondering about the true nature of Kyle and Morgan’s relationship, eagerly awaiting any new developments. The controversy surrounding Kyle, Morgan, and their co-stars is sure to keep viewers captivated as they speculate about what lies ahead for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars.

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