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As the total solar eclipse set to dim skies across North America approaches, businesses are finding unique ways to take advantage of the event. Krispy Kreme and Oreo are teaming up to create a limited doughnut-cookie creation, Sonic Drive-In is offering a “Blackout Slush Float,” and Frito-Lay’s SunChips has unveiled a new flavor available only during the eclipse’s totality. MoonPie is promoting an “eclipse survival kit” that includes mini MoonPies and eclipse glasses, while airlines like Southwest and Delta are advertising eclipse-viewing flight paths. Small businesses along the path of totality are also gearing up to meet the incoming tourist demand, selling eclipse glasses, T-shirts, and other astronomical souvenirs.

Some businesses have been preparing for the eclipse and its crowds for years, offering eclipse-themed beer, specialty dining packages, and watch parties at amusement parks, wineries, and zoos. Marketing tied to rare spectacles like total solar eclipses is not a new phenomenon, as evidenced by the 2017 eclipse which prompted companies like Krispy Kreme to release limited-edition products. This year’s “Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut,” a Krispy Kreme-Oreo collaboration, will be available from Friday through Monday. Small towns and local vendors are also cashing in on the eclipse frenzy, providing a wide range of merchandise and experiences for visitors during the celestial event.

This surge in eclipse-related promotions reflects the widespread excitement surrounding the rare celestial event. Companies are capitalizing on the opportunity to capture consumer interest and drive sales through limited-time offerings and unique collaborations. The growing trend of businesses leveraging natural phenomena like solar eclipses to attract customers underscores the power of experiential marketing in capturing the public’s attention. The eclipse also presents an opportunity for businesses to showcase creativity and innovation in developing unique products and experiences that align with the event’s theme and appeal to consumer interest.

The eclipse-related marketing strategies adopted by large corporations and local businesses alike demonstrate a diverse range of approaches to leveraging the celestial event for promotional purposes. From branded merchandise to eclipse-themed menu items and events, companies are finding creative ways to engage with consumers and draw attention to their brands. By tapping into the excitement surrounding the solar eclipse, businesses can generate buzz, drive foot traffic, and increase sales through the deployment of targeted marketing campaigns and promotional initiatives. The eclipse offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in a meaningful and memorable way, creating long-lasting impressions and building brand loyalty through engaging experiences.

Overall, the surge in eclipse-related promotions highlights the growing trend of businesses leveraging natural phenomena and cultural events to drive consumer engagement and boost sales. As companies continue to look for innovative ways to connect with customers and differentiate themselves in the market, events like total solar eclipses provide a valuable opportunity for creative marketing and brand promotion. By aligning their products, services, and marketing strategies with the themes and excitement of the eclipse, businesses can leverage the event to connect with consumers, drive brand awareness, and create unique and memorable experiences that resonate with their target audience.

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