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LSU women’s basketball head coach, Kim Mulkey, made headlines during March Madness with her comments about a rumored hit piece by The Washington Post. Mulkey threatened to sue the outlet, claiming they were contacting former players for negative quotes. Despite the distraction, LSU was able to rally and secure a dominant win in the second round of the tournament against Middle Tennessee. Mulkey emphasized that the team was not going to let the situation affect their focus on the competition.

Following the game, Mulkey referred to the reporter involved as “sleazy” and stated that her team was not aware of the controversy surrounding the hit piece. Despite being bench in the second half, LSU star Angel Reese led the team with a double-double performance, along with other key players contributing to the victory. Mulkey reiterated that the team was not going to be distracted by the off-court drama and was solely focused on their tournament run.

Mulkey came into the press conference after the game in defensive mode, addressing the rumors about the hit piece. She claimed the reporter had been working for two years on the story and had contacted LSU with demanding questions before their first-round matchup. Mulkey accused the reporter of attempting to prevent her from coaching in the tournament and distract the team with the fabricated story. She also mentioned that former players had been contacted for negative quotes, which she considered a one-sided and embellished version of events.

The LSU coach revealed that she had hired a prominent defamation law firm and was prepared to sue The Washington Post if the story was published. Despite the potential legal action, a spokesperson for The Washington Post declined to comment on the situation when asked by Fox News Digital. Mulkey’s strong stance against the rumored hit piece showcased her determination to protect her reputation and preserve the focus of her team during the crucial tournament period. The LSU women’s basketball team advanced to the Sweet 16 amidst the off-court distractions, showcasing their resilience and determination on the court.

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