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The release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been met with delays and a disappointing player base. The decision to split the first season of content into two episodes has not been well received, with the game struggling to retain players. The addition of The Joker in Episode 1 did not bring back as many players as hoped, and Episode 2 saw a significant drop in player numbers.

The game had a peak of 3,049 concurrent players at launch, which was only 22% of the initial player base. Episode 2 only managed to peak at 561 players, a significant decrease from the previous episode. With three more seasons of content planned, it is uncertain if the game will be able to sustain player interest in the long term.

Despite the poor performance of Suicide Squad, Rocksteady has not announced any layoffs. The studio may still have a chance to return to their successful single-player superhero adventures in the future. However, Warner Bros. seems to be focused on live service games, with the success of Hogwarts Legacy influencing their decisions.

Future seasons of Suicide Squad may struggle to attract players, especially with characters like Mrs. Freeze, whose design has already faced criticism. The game relies on cosmetics for monetization, but players have been unhappy with the options available. The entire situation surrounding Suicide Squad remains perplexing and uncertain.

As the game continues to develop, it is unclear if it will be able to maintain a player base or if it will face further challenges. The future of Suicide Squad remains uncertain, but for now, Rocksteady has not suffered any major setbacks. Players and fans will have to wait and see how the game progresses in the coming months.

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