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Two Bronx men, Anthony Benjamin and Steve Daley, were accused of kidnapping a doctor, Michael Bautista, outside a nightclub in Brooklyn. Bautista, who is an ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon, from Norwalk, Connecticut, chose not to cooperate with prosecutors, leading to the case being dropped by state prosecutors in Connecticut. Bautista’s testimony was crucial to the case, and without it, prosecutors could not proceed further. As a result, charges against Daley were dropped on February 26, and charges against Benjamin are expected to be dropped at his next court appearance on April 15.

The incident began when Bautista alleged that Benjamin and Daley abducted him after a night at the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub in East Williamsburg. They refused to take him back to his car and instead forced him to go on a spending spree in the Bronx, where Benjamin made him buy clothes, shoes, and even pay for a haircut, strip club visit, and other expenses. Benjamin also allegedly had a handgun and made Bautista withdraw money from ATMs, which he later kept for himself. The two kidnappers eventually ended up at the hospital where Bautista worked, and that is where they were arrested by the police.

Initially held on massive bonds, the judge later reduced the bonds to promises-to-appear after concerns were raised about the evidence in the case. Prosecutors decided not to pursue the criminal case further due to the lack of independent corroboration of Bautista’s statement about what occurred over the weekend. While this might come as a relief to Daley, Benjamin remains in custody at Rikers Island for another alleged crime. Benjamin is accused of stealing a wallet, driver’s license, and iPhone from a victim in Midtown West in the fall.

The decision by state prosecutors to drop the case against Benjamin and Daley has brought an end to this bizarre and wild incident. The alleged kidnapping of Bautista outside the nightclub led to a series of events involving a spending spree and coercing Bautista into various activities. The lack of cooperation from the alleged victim, Bautista, led to prosecutors being unable to proceed with the criminal case, ultimately resulting in the charges being dropped against the defendants. This situation highlights the importance of witness cooperation in legal proceedings and the impact it can have on the outcome of a case.

The case against Benjamin and Daley had gained attention due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the alleged kidnapping and subsequent spending spree. Bautista’s decision not to cooperate with prosecutors further added to the intrigue of the case. Ultimately, the legal process was halted, and the defendants were no longer facing criminal charges. The initial accusations, arrest, and subsequent developments in the case may serve as a cautionary tale about the complexities of criminal proceedings and the unpredictable nature of legal outcomes. While the specific details of the case may remain unclear, the decision to drop the charges signifies the end of this chapter in the legal saga involving Benjamin, Daley, and Bautista.

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