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A new interview with Kid Rock has sparked controversy as the longtime rock-and-country singer reportedly pulled out a gun while intoxicated and used the N-word during a conversation with Rolling Stone’s David Peisner at his Nashville property. The interview touched on Kid Rock’s career evolution from a hard-partying rock star to a political figure, with his support of Donald Trump and involvement in a boycott of Bud Light due to its partnership with a transgender activist in 2023. Kid Rock’s staunch political views and celebrity endorsements have shaped his public persona in recent years.

During the interview, Kid Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, switched his drink of choice to Jim Beam and Coke, and shouted while waving a black handgun at Peisner. He also made derogatory statements about immigrants and repeatedly used the N-word in reference to his past experiences. The content of the interview has sparked outrage and criticism, with many calling Kid Rock a drunk racist and conspiracy theorist. The interview was conducted before his appearance on Fox News, where he was criticized for wearing a Bud Light hat.

Critics have condemned Kid Rock’s behavior in the interview, labeling him as part of the “MAGA” movement and a representative of the “dregs of society.” Many point out his privileged upbringing, despite his portrayal of a rough and rugged persona. The interview concluded with Kid Rock allegedly encouraging Peisner to write a scathing article about him, suggesting that negative publicity may benefit him in some way. The incident has fueled further negative reactions towards Kid Rock and his controversial statements.

The interview sheds light on Kid Rock’s complex persona, balancing his musical success with his outspoken political views and seemingly reckless behavior. His transformation from a popular rock star to a divisive political figure has alienated some fans while attracting others who align with his conservative beliefs. The interview incident highlights a darker side of his public image, with critics questioning the authenticity of his persona and whether his controversial statements are calculated or genuine.

Overall, the interview with Kid Rock has intensified the debate surrounding his character and beliefs, drawing attention to his use of racial slurs, brandishing of a gun, and confrontational behavior. The negative reactions to the interview reflect a broader disapproval of his controversial actions and divisive political views. Kid Rock’s complex persona continues to be a topic of discussion, with critics questioning his motivations and authenticity. Despite his musical success, his reputation as a political provocateur has overshadowed his earlier image as a hard-partying rock star.

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