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Display Week 2024 was held in San Jose, CA, last week, bringing together industry professionals interested in new display technologies. The conference covered various topics related to display technology, with a focus on digital signage, AR/VR/MR, sensor integration, and ultra-high-bandwidth display data transmission and processing. One of the significant highlights included the growing market for digital signage, with the global digital signage market expected to reach USD 26.1 billion by 2028. EInk showcased their progress in developing color Epaper displays for signage, demonstrating sharp and crisp color displays for navigation and public information.

Another major focus at the conference was on AR/VR and mixed reality displays. Companies like BOE and Samsung presented next-generation displays for XR headsets and smart glasses, showcasing advancements in display technology. While no new headsets were released, the industry is making progress in developing displays for both headsets and smart glasses. Although breakthrough displays for true AR glasses may still be 2-3 years away, the industry is moving towards innovative solutions for vertical applications. Sensor integration and multifunctional displays were also a key trend, with companies integrating sensors into displays for multifunctional products that offer space efficiency, convenience, and customization.

The conference also highlighted active matrix displays, including OLED and LCD technologies, as well as emerging technologies such as microLED, quantum dot, and flexible displays. Notable demos included BOE’s 110-inch 16K 3D display and Mopic’s 3D screen with interactive hand interaction capabilities. BOE showcased a prototype of a new automotive dashboard that featured a center display for the driver and a fold-out screen for the front seat passenger, emphasizing the potential for innovative display solutions in the automotive industry. The event showcased the ongoing advancements in display technology and provided a glimpse into the future of tech innovations driven by display advancements.

Overall, Display Week 2024 was a significant event for the display industry, bringing together experts and innovators to share knowledge and showcase cutting-edge technologies. The conference provided valuable insights into the latest developments in display technology, including digital signage, AR/VR/MR displays, sensor integration, and multifunctional displays. While breakthrough displays for true AR glasses may still be a few years away, the industry is making strides in developing next-generation displays for various applications. With companies like BOE and Samsung leading the way in display innovation, Display Week 2024 was a platform to witness the potential of display advancements in shaping the future of technology.

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