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Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe expressed her sadness for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, also known as The Golden Bachelor, after news of their divorce broke just three months after their TV wedding. In an Instagram Story, Bristowe shared her disappointment for the couple, who cited their cross-country living situation as the primary reason for their split. Gerry, 72, and Theresa, 70, explained that despite still loving each other, they felt it was best for their individual happiness to dissolve their marriage due to their separate living circumstances.

Following the announcement of the divorce, Turner filed to dissolve their marriage in Petersburg, Indiana, citing the “irretrievable breakdown” of their marriage as the reason for their split. Despite tying the knot in January, Gerry returned to Indiana while Theresa remained in New Jersey, leading to speculation about the future of their relationship. An insider shared that the couple had no immediate plans to change their living situations, with Theresa returning to work on the East Coast and both parties making efforts to visit each other frequently in an attempt to maintain their long-distance relationship.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Ashley Iaconetti shared her perspective on the situation, stating that she was not surprised by the news of Gerry and Theresa’s divorce. Ashley pointed out discrepancies in their Good Morning America interview, where the couple expressed their love for each other but cited distance as the reason for their split. She suggested that living in different states should not have been a significant obstacle to their relationship, especially considering their ages, and emphasized the importance of communication in maintaining a marriage.

Gerry and Theresa met and fell in love on season 1 of The Golden Bachelor, culminating in their engagement on the show’s finale episode in November 2023. The couple got married two months later in a televised ceremony, expressing their dreams of settling down together in South Carolina. This marriage was the second for both Gerry and Theresa, adding to the complexity of their relationship and the challenges they faced as a couple.

Overall, the news of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s divorce following their TV wedding has sparked reactions from fans and celebrities alike. While Kaitlyn Bristowe expressed her sympathy for the couple, Ashley Iaconetti shared her thoughts on the situation, questioning the reasons behind their split and highlighting the importance of communication in relationships. Despite the challenges faced by Gerry and Theresa in maintaining a long-distance marriage, their decision to end their relationship has brought up discussions about love, communication, and commitment. The public response to their breakup reflects the interest in reality TV relationships and the complexities of navigating personal relationships in the public eye.

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