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Subscribe now to get Fox News First in your email and stay updated on the latest headlines. In New York, a judge will consider a defense motion to dismiss the case against Trump after the prosecution rests. Additionally, a disturbing piece of evidence related to Rex Heuermann’s family has been revealed. Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld’s clash over Trump on Fox News highlights their disagreement on important issues. Ben Affleck’s absence from Jennifer Lopez’s premiere sparks rumors of a split. A man who had been on the run from police for two months was found hiding in a clothes dryer.

In politics, Trump has surpassed Biden in campaign cash in April, setting the stage for a potentially intense showdown in 2024. Biden is looking to address the backlog of migrant asylum seekers in blue cities as pressure from Democrats mounts. Moreover, primary elections in five states, including Georgia, will determine the fate of an embattled Trump prosecutor. Senator Joe Manchin urges GOP colleagues to seize opportunities to secure the border.

In media news, MSNBC and CNN hosts are left speechless after Michael Cohen admits to stealing from the Trump Organization. Some defend Cohen’s actions as justified, while others label him as an “opportunistic thief.” Pope Francis suggests that being conservative is a “suicidal attitude” in a rare interview. Opinions from Senator Marco Rubio and Gregg Jarrett offer insights on Biden’s border policies and Michael Cohen’s impact on legal proceedings.

Prime time hosts like Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, and Greg Gutfeld discuss the credibility of Michael Cohen and Trump becoming a victim. In other news, Guy Fieri pushes back against misconceptions about his health, a massive brawl erupts at a skating rink, and a family encounters a cougar near their home. Eric Trump and Alina Habba share their perspectives on Trump’s trials and Biden’s show trial.

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