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Trump won his fifth ranking title of the season at the Yushan World Open, defeating Ding Junhui 10-3 in the final. Trump expressed his surprise at the large margin of victory, considering Ding’s strong performances leading up to the final. He credited his success to his ability to relax and play well under pressure, especially when holding a lead. Trump highlighted the importance of finishing the job quickly, as the crowd can make a significant difference if momentum shifts in favor of the home player.

Trump reflected on the challenge of facing Ding in front of a supportive crowd, emphasizing the need to maintain focus and finish the job as soon as possible. He thrives on intense and competitive matches, drawing on past experiences to motivate himself. Despite the pressure, Trump remained calm and composed, showcasing his mental toughness and ability to perform at his best in crucial moments. He acknowledged the fair support for Ding and used it to his advantage to stay motivated and push towards victory.

With five titles already under his belt this season, Trump discussed the possibility of achieving a “magnificent seven” with the Tour Championship and World Championship still to come. He recognized the difficulty of such an accomplishment but remained optimistic about his chances. Trump reflected on his exceptional season, expressing gratitude for the success he had achieved thus far. He credited his ability to relax and enjoy the season for his continued success, highlighting the dream season he had experienced.

Fans can stream top snooker action, including the upcoming World Snooker Championship, live on discovery+, the Eurosport app, and Trump’s impressive performance at the Yushan World Open solidified his status as one of the top players on the tour, showcasing his skill, composure, and mental fortitude in high-pressure situations. The victory marked another milestone in Trump’s career, further establishing him as a dominant force in the world of snooker. As Trump looks ahead to the upcoming tournaments, he remains focused on maintaining his form and competing at the highest level.

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