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House Republican leaders are holding a meeting to discuss aid to Israel and Ukraine following Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend. There has been an outpouring of support from both Republicans and Democrats, with promises to pass legislative measures to support Israel. House Speaker Mike Johnson has pledged to act quickly on providing funding for Ukraine as Russia’s invasion continues into its third year. The discussion at the meeting is expected to include funding for Ukraine and Israel, as well as Iran’s recent attack.

House lawmakers from both parties typically meet the morning after starting their legislative session, but due to the urgency of the situation, House Speaker Mike Johnson has called for a meeting on Monday evening. Iran’s recent attack on Israel has increased pressure on Johnson to pass the Senate’s $95 billion supplemental funding bill, which includes aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Johnson has already passed two standalone bills for aid to Israel, but they were not taken up by the Democrat-controlled Senate, putting him in a difficult position.

Ukraine poses challenges for Johnson as he navigates a thin House majority and a growing number of Ukraine aid skeptics within his party, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Despite pushback from some members over combining funding for Ukraine and Israel, Johnson has been considering bipartisan proposals for aid to Ukraine, including a possible loan option and using seized Russian assets to provide aid. Former President Trump has indicated his support for these options, which may help insulate Johnson from Ukraine aid critics.

There is uncertainty regarding the timing of a possible vote this week on aid for Israel and Ukraine. However, there are expectations that at least Israel funding will be put to a vote, and there may be a combined package different from the Senate’s $95 billion bill. House Majority Whip’s office did not list any expected bills related to Israel or Ukraine funding but advised that additional legislative items related to security supplemental appropriations are possible. Johnson has expressed a desire for the House to take up Israel aid for the third time this week and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has indicated that there may be a vote on aid funding for Israel and Ukraine this week.

The meeting of House Republican leaders will focus on aid to Israel and Ukraine in response to recent events. The urgency of the situation has led to calls for quick action to provide funding to both countries. Johnson is faced with challenges related to the thin House majority and opposition from some party members on the issue of Ukraine aid. Despite these challenges, bipartisan proposals are being considered to provide aid to Ukraine, including using seized Russian assets. The timing of a possible vote on aid for Israel and Ukraine this week is uncertain, but there are expectations that funding for Israel at least will come to a vote.

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