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Bachelor Joey Graziadei proposed to Kelsey Anderson in an emotional season finale, expressing his love for her and his excitement for their future together. Minutes before the engagement, it was revealed that Kelsey had ridden to her proposal alongside runner-up Daisy Kent, who ultimately broke things off with Joey after realizing they weren’t meant to be. Kelsey had expressed her excitement and hope for a future with Joey throughout the episode, but also shared her fears of the potential heartbreak of not being chosen.

During their fantasy suite dates, Joey told both women that he was “falling in love.” He reflected on his decision to drop the L-bomb and when he truly fell for Kelsey, citing moments from their time together in Montreal and Jasper. Rumors that Kelsey received the final rose were further fueled when she and Joey appeared to share photos from the same background on social media in February. However, Joey remained tight-lipped about any potential spoilers, stating that he wasn’t paying attention to such rumors.

The Bachelor finale concluded with Joey proposing to Kelsey, culminating in a joyful moment for the couple. Their love story will continue beyond the show, with the upcoming special After the Final Rose set to air on ABC. Despite the uncertainties and emotional ups and downs throughout the season, Joey and Kelsey emerged as a united couple ready to embark on their future together. Their journey on the show may have had its challenges, but ultimately, their love prevailed.

Overall, Joey and Kelsey’s engagement marked a happy ending to a season filled with drama and romance. From their initial connection to the heartfelt proposal, their love story captivated viewers and fans of The Bachelor. Despite the pressures and uncertainties of the process, Joey and Kelsey found each other and realized their love for one another. As they look towards their future together, the couple’s engagement serves as a reminder of the power of love and the possibilities that can arise from unexpected beginnings. Their journey on The Bachelor may have come to an end, but their love story is just beginning.

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