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President Joe Biden, who won Nevada in the 2020 presidential election against Donald Trump by a slim margin, is facing the possibility of losing the state in the upcoming election. Recent polling indicates that Trump is leading in Nevada, a state that has been won by Democrats for the past 16 years. A Florida Atlantic University PolCom Lab/Mainstreet Research poll conducted in May showed that 50 percent of Nevadans would vote for Trump, while 42 percent would vote for Biden. Another poll conducted by Prime Group/Citizens to Save Our Republic (CSOR) showed a tie between Biden and Trump, with each candidate garnering 50 percent of support.

Nevada has a mixed voting history, with Republicans winning the presidency in the 1980s but Democrats taking the state in recent years. Barack Obama won Nevada in both the 2008 and 2012 elections by significant margins, while Hillary Clinton narrowly won the state in 2016. However, recent polling suggests that Biden may be losing ground in Nevada, with Trump leading in voter support. A BSG/GS Strategy Group/The Cook Political Report poll conducted in May showed Trump with 49 percent of voter support compared to Biden’s 40 percent.

The upcoming presidential election in Nevada is expected to be a rematch between Biden, the Democratic incumbent, and Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee. While Democrats have been successful in winning Nevada in the past, recent polling data indicates a shift in voter sentiment. With Trump leading in some polls and the state’s history of electing both Democratic and Republican presidents, Biden’s chances of winning Nevada in the upcoming election are uncertain. Both campaigns have been contacted for comment on the polling data and the state of the race in Nevada.

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