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President Biden and his son Hunter attended Mass together at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Delaware on the ninth anniversary of Beau Biden’s death, days before Hunter’s trial on federal gun charges begins. Photographs captured the father and son walking near Beau’s grave, though it is unclear whether they spoke. After church, they traveled together in Marine One to the Biden family’s holiday home in Rehoboth Beach, where the President will stay for the day. This visit follows a surprise trip to Beau’s widow Hallie Biden’s home on Sunday, where she is expected to be a trial witness.

Hunter Biden is facing charges of illegally purchasing a .38-caliber Colt revolver by lying about his drug addiction on federal paperwork in October 2018. He could potentially face up to 25 years in prison if convicted on all three counts. The gun, disposed of by Hallie in a public dumpster after purchase, revealed cocaine use by the holder, which aligns with Hunter’s drug use during that time, as mentioned in his 2021 memoir. In June, Hunter agreed to a plea deal for gun and tax crimes but withdrew from it at a court hearing, seeking immunity for past conduct, including potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act that could implicate his father.

Aside from the gun charges, Hunter Biden is also scheduled to stand trial in Los Angeles in September for allegedly failing to pay more than $1.4 million in federal taxes on income received from overseas relationships between 2016 and 2019. These relationships often involved his father, including during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. As Hunter’s legal troubles continue to unfold, the involvement of President Biden in potential implications for violating the law adds a layer of complexity to the situation. The legal battles faced by Hunter Biden not only affect him personally but also have the potential to impact his father’s reputation and political career.

The Biden family’s public appearances together, such as attending church and spending time at their holiday home, show solidarity amidst Hunter’s upcoming trials and legal challenges. The support from President Biden towards his son, even amidst potential legal troubles, highlights the family’s bond and commitment to standing together in difficult times. The Biden family’s history of facing tragic events and losses, such as Beau Biden’s passing, has created a strong sense of unity that continues to be evident in the way they navigate challenging situations together.

As the trial approaches, the jury selection process for Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges case is set to begin soon. Along with potential implications for violating the law, Hunter’s legal battles also involve accusations of not paying federal taxes and violating other regulations. Amidst these challenges, the Biden family’s actions, such as attending church together and showing support for each other, reflect their values of family solidarity and unity. The unfolding legal proceedings for Hunter Biden have implications not only for him but also could have wider repercussions for his father, President Biden, as he continues to navigate his presidency while dealing with personal and family-related challenges.

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