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Vanderpump Rules star Jo Wenberg recently spoke out on Instagram Live about her relationship with Tom Schwartz and his girlfriend, Sophia Skoro. She claimed that Schwartz had blocked her and read alleged text messages from him requesting that she no longer mention him or Skoro. Despite Schwartz’s request, Jo stated that she would continue talking about him as he was a significant part of her life, comparing her situation to Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney, during their dynamic in season 11 of the show.

In a recent Instagram Live session, Jo referred to Sophia as a fan, implying that Schwartz was dating a fan. This comment came after rumors of Schwartz and Jo being romantically linked following his split from Katie in March 2022. Schwartz had claimed that he and Jo were living together but maintained that their relationship was strictly platonic. Despite not receiving a warm welcome from Schwartz’s Vanderpump Rules castmates, Jo’s perspective on her relationship with Schwartz during the season 11 reunion led Katie to notice some concerning behavior from Schwartz.

During the season 11 reunion, Katie acknowledged that Schwartz had displayed some behavior that she described as “F-boy behavior” after hearing Jo’s perspective on their relationship. She felt empathy towards Jo as she appeared to have real feelings for Schwartz, who seemed to be leading her on and not fully committing to their relationship. This revelation highlighted the complexities of Schwartz’s relationships and the impact they had on those involved, including his ex-wife, Katie, and his current partner, Sophia.

Despite the drama surrounding her relationship with Schwartz and his girlfriend, Jo continues to share her side of the story and express her feelings about the situation on social media platforms like Instagram. She remains steadfast in her decision to speak out about her experiences with Schwartz and refute any attempts to silence her. Jo’s openness and transparency about her relationship with Schwartz shed light on the complexities and challenges of navigating personal relationships in the public eye.

The dynamics between Jo, Schwartz, and their respective partners reflect the interpersonal struggles and conflicts that can arise in relationships, particularly those involving public figures. The scrutiny and attention surrounding their interactions highlight the complexities of personal relationships and the impact of public perceptions on individuals’ private lives. As Jo continues to share her perspective and experiences with Schwartz and his girlfriend, Sophia, she offers insights into the challenges of maintaining relationships in the public eye and navigating the complexities of personal connections in a highly visible social media landscape.

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