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Netflix’s latest blockbuster, Atlas, starring Jennifer Lopez and Simu Liu, has received scathing reviews from critics, currently holding an abysmal 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film, costing a reported $100 million to make, is being compared to the widely panned superhero movie Madame Web, also at an 11% rating. Despite poor reviews, Atlas has a slightly higher audience score of 59%, but it still falls far below other Netflix action movies.

Comparing Atlas to other Netflix action films, such as Extraction and Bird Box, which have scored significantly higher on Rotten Tomatoes, it is clear that this movie has missed the mark. While Netflix prioritizes viewership over ratings, poor word of mouth can impact the film’s reach. Despite the potential for the score to fluctuate as more reviews come in, Atlas is being labeled as a misfire for the streaming platform.

Netflix’s handling of its blockbusters has been called into question, with sequels for successful movies like Red Notice and Gray Man in development limbo. The fate of Atlas remains uncertain, with its poor reception casting doubt on the possibility of a follow-up. The trailers for the movie did not inspire confidence, with many feeling that Jennifer Lopez was miscast in the lead role.

While some viewers may enjoy “so bad it’s good” movies like Madame Web, Atlas does not seem to fall into that category. With little interest in watching a film with such dismal reviews, many are skeptical about the movie’s future. Despite the tendency for Netflix to produce high-budget action blockbusters, the lackluster response to Atlas may lead to a reevaluation of their strategy for future projects. Ultimately, the fate of Atlas remains uncertain amidst the overwhelmingly negative reception it has received from critics.

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