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Jesse Eisenberg, best known for his roles in movies like The Social Network, is in the process of becoming a citizen of Poland. He revealed that he applied for Polish citizenship about 9 months ago and is now waiting for the final signature. Eisenberg has family roots in Poland, with his family hailing from Krasnystaw in the south-east of the country. He is married to Anna Strout, whose family is from Łódź, and the couple wanted to have a better connection with Poland. Eisenberg expressed a desire to work more in Poland and has already directed a film titled A Real Pain in the country, with plans for future projects there.

A Real Pain, Eisenberg’s directorial debut, is inspired by his family’s ancestral home in Poland. The film follows two American cousins on a journey to their roots and was shot in various locations in Poland, including Krasnystaw, Warsaw, Lublin, Kraśniki, and Radom. Eisenberg’s experience working on the film and meeting people with government connections in Poland led him to explore the possibility of applying for Polish citizenship. He also expressed a desire to create a better relationship between Jews and Poles, considering his family’s background in Poland. Eisenberg’s citizenship application reflects his commitment to strengthening ties with Poland and honoring his family’s heritage in the country.

Despite being raised in New York, Eisenberg has deep connections to his Jewish faith. He shared that his involvement with the Chabad organization helped him prepare for his role as a Hasidic Jew in the film Holy Rollers. Eisenberg revealed that he had his Bar Mitzvah through Chabad, as he had never had one before. While he initially focused more on his movie roles than on his spirituality, Eisenberg’s late connection to his Jewish faith has had a significant influence on his personal and professional life. Before his Bar Mitzvah experience, Eisenberg was not well-versed in Jewish prayers and traditions, but his involvement with Chabad helped him deepen his understanding of his faith.

The citizenship process for Eisenberg in Poland is a significant step towards strengthening his ties with the country and honoring his family’s history there. With his wife’s family also having roots in Poland, Eisenberg is keen on creating a better bond between Jews and Poles through his work and personal connections in the country. A Real Pain, Eisenberg’s film set in Poland, showcases his commitment to exploring his family’s heritage and sharing it with a wider audience. As he waits for the final signature on his citizenship application, Eisenberg continues to work on projects that reflect his passion for Poland and his desire to foster positive relationships between different communities in the country.

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