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The New England Patriots hold the number three pick in the upcoming NFL draft, marking a new era for the team after the departure of key players like Tom Brady, as well as legendary head coach Bill Belichick. The 2023 season was a difficult one for the team, resulting in the number three pick in the draft. Newly appointed head coach Jerod Mayo will be taking over the leadership role, aiming to steer the team in a new direction as they face the challenges of rebuilding.

One of the top priorities for the Patriots in the draft is finding a new quarterback, especially after trading away former first-round pick Mac Jones. The quarterback class in this year’s draft is considered to be talented, making it seem like a natural choice for New England. However, Mayo has expressed that while a quarterback is a priority, they are still considering all options and may choose to go in a different direction. Elite wide receivers and offensive tackles are also seen as valuable options for the team to consider in the draft.

DraftKings Sportsbook currently has the Patriots selecting North Carolina’s quarterback Drake May as their top choice, with LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels and Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. following closely behind in the odds. The team has struggled to find a stable quarterback since Brady’s departure, cycling through various players with no lasting success. With eight draft picks in 2024, including the number three pick, the Patriots have a significant opportunity to secure a quarterback for the future.

Mayo’s comments about keeping all options open for the number three pick could be a strategic move to keep other teams guessing about their intentions. The Patriots have veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett on their roster, providing some stability in the position as they consider their draft options. The team will be focusing on making the most of their draft picks to strengthen their roster and set a solid foundation for the future as they navigate through this period of transition under Mayo’s leadership.

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