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In a recent feature with WAtoday, Jess Robson, managing director of Access Analytic, shared three things he loves most about Perth. Robson, who combines his work training professionals with his passion for adventure sports travel, highlighted his love for rock climbing in the northern Perth Hills. He often visits Mountain Quarry in Boya, where rock climbing has become increasingly popular. The challenging experience of climbing up cliffs and the sense of achievement when completing a difficult climb are what draw Robson to this activity. He also enjoys the community feel at Adrenaline Vault in Belmont, his favorite indoor climbing gym, which helps him stay fit and improve his climbing skills.

Another favorite spot for Robson in Perth is the State Buildings on Cathedral Avenue. He frequents all the restaurants within the beautifully restored heritage buildings and has never had a bad experience. From Petition Kitchen to Wine Merchant, Wildflower, Sue Lewis chocolates, Mello House, and Fox and Rabbit, the State Buildings offer a variety of culinary experiences. Robson feels at home within these walls and often brings clients, goes on dates, or spends time with his family at this iconic Perth location.

One of the highlights of Robson’s year in Perth is the Fringe Festival, which he describes as the most wonderful time of the year for him. The festival, which also incorporates his birthday celebrations, transforms the city into a vibrant hub of creativity, fun, and artistic expression. From theatre and comedy to music and dance, the festival showcases talent from Perth and around the world, creating a unique and unpredictable adventure for attendees. Robson loves the eccentricity and unexpectedness of Fringe, which aligns with the spirit of travel and exploration that he encourages in his book, The Travelling Trainer.

Robson appreciates the fact that Fringe doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows for a wide range of performances, some of which may leave audiences questioning what they just witnessed. However, he finds most shows to be enjoyable and worth the value, contributing to the overall excitement of the festival. As Fringe continues to evolve and offer new experiences each year, Robson enjoys the diverse range of acts and the way it brings people of all ages together in Northbridge, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere in the city.

Overall, Jess Robson’s love for rock climbing in the Perth Hills, dining at the State Buildings, and experiencing the vibrant and creative atmosphere of the Fringe Festival encapsulates his passion for adventure and exploration in his coastal capital. Through his various activities and interests, Robson embodies a love for nature, community, culture, and the arts that enriches his life and reflects the diverse and vibrant spirit of Perth.

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