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In the last 24 hours, the cryptomarket has shown positive gains, with JasmyCoin leading the market gains category by rising 11% in value since Sunday. JasmyCoin, or $JASMY, focuses on modern data management needs and integrates blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IOT) technology. Founded in Japan, Jasmy aims to democratize data by allowing users to control the data sent back to companies via IOT. This could potentially allow users to earn money from companies using their data for profit.

JasmyCoin has seen significant growth over the past year, with a 445% increase in value since the previous year. The coin has risen by 40.5% in the last month alone, with a large portion of that increase occurring in the last week. The recent approval of the Ethereum Spot ETF has pushed JasmyCoin’s price up by 30%, and it is currently selling for $0.257. The significant rise in value has been impressive for JasmyCoin, which has come a long way from its value of $0.00474 last year.

Mollars token presale has seen strong performance, selling nearly 110,000 tokens in under 48 hours. This makes it the largest 2-day sales total this month for Mollars, with only one other period in February where a similar number of tokens were sold in under 40 hours. The strong sales indicate that Mollars is gaining popularity and could potentially rival top 20 tokens in the future. Traders are showing high interest in Mollars, with search volumes matching industry-leading altcoins and memecoins like Bonk Inu, Kaspa, and Golden inu.

The keyword term “Mollars” has seen more Google searches than “Jasmy Coin” in the past 30 days, indicating the growing popularity of this new store-of-value token. Despite having a market cap of $1.27 billion, Mollars has generated significant interest even in its presale stage. Three crypto exchanges have already announced they will list the Mollars token after the ICO’s close on June 1st, allowing a large number of traders to access the token for trading.

Mollars has a total token supply of 10 million tokens compared to Jasmy’s 50 billion coins. With over 3 million tokens already sold in the presale, Mollars is on track for a complete sellout. Predictions suggest that Mollars could potentially grow in value by 4,400% or 44X from its current presale price of $0.55. The increasing sales and interest in Mollars indicate a strong potential for growth, with the possibility of attracting even more investors as the token becomes available on more exchanges.

The strong performance of JasmyCoin and the rapid growth of Mollars indicate a positive trend in the cryptomarket. Both coins have unique features and potential for further growth, attracting the attention of traders and investors. With the increasing popularity of Mollars and its upcoming availability on major exchanges, it will be interesting to see how the token performs in the coming months and whether it can establish itself as a significant player in the crypto space.

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