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Jared “Big Baby” Anderson, a rising star in the world of heavyweight boxing, is set to face off against Ryad Merhy in a highly anticipated match. While Anderson has showcased impressive skills in the ring, his off-the-ring behavior and the declaration of his potential early retirement have raised concerns about his dedication to the sport. Recently, he has faced legal troubles, including a third-degree felony charge and a previous DUI arrest. Despite this, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum believes in Anderson’s potential and aims to have him fighting for a world championship by 2026.

Anderson, who is currently 24 years old, has expressed his desire to retire by the age of 27. This time frame has put pressure on Top Rank to fast-track his career progression. However, Anderson seems content with the idea of making money outside of boxing and might not prioritize fighting for a title before retiring. Despite his unconventional approach, Anderson remains confident in his abilities and is focused on his professional growth. For fans, Anderson’s upcoming fight against Merhy offers a glimpse into his potential and future prospects in the sport.

In the Jared “Big Baby” Anderson vs. Ryad Merhy showdown, Anderson is considered the overwhelming favorite with odds of -1000, while Merhy is the underdog at +600. Anderson’s impressive record of 16-0 with 15 knockouts reflects his dominance in the ring, especially against lower-tier opponents. Merhy, with a record of 32-2 and 26 knockouts, has faced lesser-known opponents and has fought primarily in Belgium. Despite his recent split decision victory against Tony Yoka, Merhy’s losses to Kevin Lerena and Arsen Goulamirian suggest that he may struggle against Anderson’s heavyweight punch.

The upcoming fight is expected to be a test of Anderson’s power against Merhy’s skills. Given Anderson’s track record of early knockouts and Merhy’s vulnerabilities against top-tier opponents, the prediction leans towards Anderson securing a stoppage victory in the fifth round. As fans gear up to watch the fight on ESPN, the outcome will likely shed light on Anderson’s potential to contend for a heavyweight title. While his dedication to the sport remains a topic of debate, Anderson’s performance in the ring will ultimately determine his trajectory in the competitive world of boxing.

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