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The article discusses the possibility of Democrats seizing control of the House of Representatives in the middle of the 118th Congress. House Republicans are facing chaos within their conference, with members retiring early and an acrimonious atmosphere leading to talks of dethroning the Speaker. The House Majority was slim, with the election of House Speaker Mike Johnson causing controversy among Republicans due to his handling of a recent spending bill.

The article explains the timeline of a Congress and how the 118th Congress began in January 2023, with members elected in November 2022. The Republican House majority thought they would have a 50-seat majority in 2023 but only won by a slim margin. House Speaker Johnson faced criticism after passing a spending bill without giving members adequate time to review it, leading some Republicans to take issue with his leadership. The potential for a House flip to Democratic control before January 2023 is outlined based on recent resignations and upcoming special elections.

With the resignation of Rep. Ken Buck and Rep. Mike Gallagher, the House balance has become even more precarious for Republicans, with a slim majority that could easily be lost if more members leave. Special elections in New York and California could lead to Democratic gains and further tighten the margin. The dysfunction and divisions within the Republican House caucus have raised concerns about their ability to hold the majority, with the potential for a dramatic shift in control mid-Congress.

The historical context of control shifts in Congress is analyzed, highlighting that while the Senate has flipped control mid-Congress before, it has never happened in the House. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is seen as a potential leader of the House by some Democrats due to his support within the party. The precarious situation in the House has raised questions about the future of the Republican majority and the potential for a change in leadership. The article concludes by urging readers to follow the unfolding events in the House as the situation evolves.

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