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NuPhy, a popular keyboard maker, has recently released an updated version of their well-received Halo 75 mechanical keyboard based on feedback from fans. The Halo75 V2 still features the classic 75% ANSI layout with improvements such as better lighting, improved sound, and tactile feedback. The keyboard also allows for easy switching between macOS and Windows layouts using a hardware switch.

The redesigned lighting effects on the Halo75 V2 include a transparent ABS bottom case with double-shot molding to showcase new lighting effects more effectively. Changes were made to the gasket mount style to ensure even illumination, requiring 80 LEDs instead of the original 69. The keyboard now features SignalRGB for customizable lighting effects and compatibility with other SignalRGB devices.

The keycaps on the new keyboard have been redesigned with an mSA profile for increased comfort during typing. The round surface and symmetric design of the keycaps make them comfortable and accurate to use. The keyboard also features illuminated homing bars and a new ‘GhostBar’ spacebar design, which is hollow to reduce noise. NuPhy has introduced new switches in collaboration with Gateron for heavy typists, gamers, and those who prefer silent keys.

The Halo75 V2 also addresses latency concerns with a 1000Hz 2.4G system on a chip for wireless performance comparable to a wired connection. The keyboard can connect to up to three devices over Bluetooth and offers new Cherry Silent Red Clear-Top switches for a quieter typing experience. Users can customize the keyboard using VIA software or a web-based portal, with programmable keys, lighting effects, and macros.

Overall, the NuPhy Halo75 V2 offers significant improvements over its predecessor, with a solid build quality, tactile feedback, and customizable features. While the keyboard lacks a universal key function to disable all LED lighting with a single press, it is suitable for coders, gamers, and writers on both Mac and PC platforms. The Halo75 V2 is available now for $119.95 and offers a range of tech specs including hot-swappable switches, N-key rollover, and various backlight modes. For more information, visit the NuPhy website.

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