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The autopsy of University of Missouri student Riley Strain found no evidence of foul play-related trauma, with his death appearing to be accidental, according to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. The investigation into Strain’s death is ongoing, with detectives awaiting the results of toxicological testing performed by the medical examiner. Strain went missing on March 8 after being asked to leave a bar in downtown Nashville, where he was on a trip with his fraternity for a spring formal event.

Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink, where Strain was last seen, stated that he was served one alcoholic drink and two waters before being escorted out by security. Despite stating that Strain was removed based on conduct standards, the establishment did not provide further details. Strain had told his friends he would return to his hotel, but he never made it back. Surveillance footage released by police showed Strain stumbling around downtown Nashville after leaving the bar and having a friendly exchange with a police officer. His bank card was later found near the river.

Around two weeks after his disappearance, Strain’s body was discovered in the Cumberland River by a worker in West Nashville who had removed an object from the water. The police were then called to the scene, and Chief John Drake confirmed the discovery during a press conference. The investigation into Strain’s death continues, with authorities still trying to determine exactly what happened to him. Police have not ruled out the possibility of further testing or examinations to fully understand the circumstances surrounding Strain’s death.

The medical examiner has not yet completed an autopsy report on Strain, as additional testing is still pending. The results of the toxicological examination will provide more information about any substances present in Strain’s system at the time of his death. This information will be crucial in determining the cause and manner of death, as well as shedding light on any potential factors that may have contributed to the tragic event. Strain’s family and friends continue to grieve his loss, as they await answers from the ongoing investigation.

The community in Nashville and at the University of Missouri has been deeply affected by Strain’s death, as he was a beloved member of the university community and a dedicated student. Those who knew Strain have shared memories of his kindness, humor, and positive attitude, as they mourn his passing. Support and resources have been made available to those impacted by the loss of Strain, as they come to terms with the tragic circumstances surrounding his death. The investigation will hopefully provide closure and answers to those seeking to understand what happened to Strain on that fateful night in Nashville.

As the investigation into Riley Strain’s death continues, authorities are pursuing all avenues to determine the sequence of events leading up to his disappearance and tragic passing. The discovery of his body in the Cumberland River has raised questions about the circumstances surrounding his death, with authorities striving to piece together what happened on the night he went missing. Friends, family, and the wider community continue to mourn the loss of Strain, as they await the results of the ongoing investigation. The findings of the autopsy and toxicological testing will be crucial in understanding the events leading up to his death, providing closure to those impacted by this tragedy.

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