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Røde recently announced the launch of their new Interview Pro wireless microphone, which boasts features such as 32-bit float recording and 8GB of onboard memory, making it a self-contained audio solution. Manufactured at the company’s factory in New South Wales, the Interview Pro is robust and durable, ideal for use in newsgathering scenarios. The microphone can be connected to Røde’s Series IV wireless systems and is compatible with devices such as the RødeCaster Pro II and Røde Streamer X.

Equipped with Røde’s innovative Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission technology, the Interview Pro offers stable and secure wireless connectivity, making it ideal for on-the-go interviews and vox pops. The microphone features a condenser capsule that delivers rich, detailed sound quality with a warm character and excellent response time. Additionally, the Interview Pro comes with a foam windshield for outdoor use. The fixed internal battery can be recharged via a USB-C port, providing up to 25 hours of operation. The microphone also features 32GB of internal memory, allowing for up to 40 hours of high-quality audio recording.

One of the standout features of the Interview Pro is Røde’s GainAssist technology, which automatically adjusts gain levels during recording to prevent clipping. The microphone is capable of recording in 32-bit float audio at a 48kHz sampling rate, ensuring no sound clipping occurs. The ability to adjust gain levels post-recording and pause recordings between interviews adds to the microphone’s versatility. With over 40 hours of onboard recording time, users can have a safety track while wirelessly transmitting audio to the camera or digital recorder, making it an ideal choice for critical recordings.

Overall, the Røde Interview Pro wireless microphone combines the convenience of a wireless setup with the superior sound quality of a condenser capsule, making it an excellent choice for recording interviews for video or radio. The microphone’s shock-mounting design minimizes handling noise, and a smart docking station is available for recharging two mics simultaneously. Priced at $249 / £249 / €249, the Interview Pro is a highly recommended solution for professionals in need of a reliable and high-quality wireless microphone.

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