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Apple is set to release an updated version of its popular AirTag tracking device in the middle of next year, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The new AirTag, with the code-name B589, is currently in testing with manufacturing partners in Asia. While specific details about the new device are scarce, it is expected to feature a better chip with improved location tracking capabilities.

The current AirTag, released in early 2021, utilizes the widespread presence of Apple devices to help users locate lost items. If an AirTag is lost, it can silently contact a nearby Apple device to send a message to the owner about its whereabouts. With the upcoming release of the new version, users can expect enhancements to location tracking, possibly enabling more precise location information and faster data transmission.

Apple recently rolled out updates to the current AirTag with the release of iOS 17.5, allowing users to be notified if an unauthorized AirTag is tracking them. Previously, only AirTags could alert users about unwanted tracking, but now a wider range of Bluetooth trackers will also be detected. The next iteration of the AirTag is likely to include improved security features to prevent potential stalking incidents.

Gurman has expressed his wish list for the new AirTag, which includes a louder speaker, better battery life, and a version optimized for wallets. While the current battery life of the AirTag is sufficient for many users, improvements in these areas would enhance the overall user experience. For those looking for a tracking device specifically designed for wallets, Gurman suggests considering the RollingSquare AirCard as an alternative option.

As more details emerge about the upcoming AirTag, anticipation among Apple customers is expected to grow. While the release of B589 is still about a year away, the advanced features and improvements it promises are likely to excite users who rely on tracking devices to keep their belongings safe. Stay tuned for further updates on the new AirTag as they become available.

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