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India’s Supreme Court has granted interim bail to Arvind Kejriwal, a prominent opposition leader who was arrested in a bribery case during the national election. Kejriwal, the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party and New Delhi’s chief official, is now allowed to campaign until June 1 under bail conditions. Opposition leaders have welcomed this decision, while a ruling party leader mentioned that legal proceedings are still ongoing against Kejriwal.

The court’s decision was seen as a positive development by the opposition parties, who viewed the arrest of Kejriwal as a political move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to target his rivals during the election. Kejriwal is considered one of the most influential politicians in India and his release on interim bail has allowed him to participate in the election until June 1. However, he will be required to return to jail on June 2 as pre-trial court proceedings are still ongoing.

The Supreme Court’s decision to grant interim bail to Kejriwal took into consideration the significance of the national election. While some conditions were imposed on him, such as restrictions on visiting his office and interactions with witnesses in the case, the court allowed him to campaign until the conclusion of the election. The arrest of Kejriwal before the election had sparked protests by his party activists supported by other opposition parties.

The bribery case against Kejriwal involves allegations that his party and ministers accepted bribes from liquor contractors. Kejriwal, who has denied the accusations, continues to serve as the chief minister of New Delhi. His party is part of a broad alliance called INDIA, which is the main challenger to Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party in the ongoing general election. The involvement of Kejriwal in a legal case is a significant development in Indian politics, with his arrest being the first of its kind involving a chief minister.

The opposition parties have accused the government of misusing federal investigation agencies to target political opponents. They claim that Kejriwal’s arrest was part of a political conspiracy to prevent him from campaigning. Meanwhile, Kejriwal’s party has vowed to fight against corruption and inefficiency in the Indian political system. The ongoing general election will determine the future direction of Indian politics, with the final votes set to be counted on June 4. The arrest of Kejriwal has cast a spotlight on the tactics used in Indian politics and the role of law enforcement agencies in targeting opposition figures.

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