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Jamison Carrier, an Indiana father who lost his youngest son to a fentanyl overdose, is running for Congress with the goal of ending tragedies like the one that affected his family. He blames the worsening border crisis under President Biden for his son’s death and is motivated to address this crisis that has impacted families across the country. Carrier, a local businessman, is a political outsider and entered the race for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District after Republican Rep. Greg Pence announced he would not seek re-election. The seat is solidly Republican, with most of the competition expected in the GOP primary on May 7.

Carrier’s top policy priority is addressing the border crisis and its negative impacts on American society, which he sees as a “targeted attack from China.” He criticizes the lack of action by the federal government to stop illegal border crossings, particularly the influx of fentanyl into the country. Carrier supports controlled legal immigration and believes that more needs to be done to address the crisis. He has spoken to many people in his district who have been affected by the border crisis and views it as a serious issue that affects families not only in his district but across the nation.

The fentanyl overdose that claimed Carrier’s son’s life has motivated him to speak openly about his family’s struggles with addiction. He believes that hiding these struggles is not the way to find a solution and wants to help other families facing similar challenges. Carrier describes his son as someone who used drugs to cope with life rather than as a partier. He emphasizes that his family is not ashamed of his son’s struggles and is proud of the impact he had on others. They want to ensure that his memory is not forgotten and hope to help other families dealing with addiction.

Carrier’s candidacy has gained attention from national figures, including former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who endorsed him to succeed Pence. Carrier is grateful for the endorsement and believes that Ramaswamy’s platform resonates with people in his district. He has also received endorsements from local business leaders and law enforcement officials, indicating momentum for his campaign. Carrier is one of seven candidates in the Republican primary race, and the winner is expected to become the district’s next representative, as election analysts rate the race as either “solid” or “safe” Republican.

Overall, Carrier’s campaign focuses on addressing the border crisis and its impact on American families, motivated by his personal experience with his son’s fentanyl overdose. He is running as a political outsider to bring attention to this issue and advocate for solutions that will prevent further tragedies. Despite facing a crowded primary field, Carrier is running on policies and issues that matter to the people in his district, rather than against any specific opponent. He hopes to bring positive change to his community and make a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and the border crisis.

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