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A tragic incident occurred at an amusement park in India where a massive fire broke out, causing the death of 27 people, including four young children. The survivors had to resort to extreme measures such as kicking down doors and leaping out of windows in order to escape the raging flames. The victims were taken to a local centre in Rajkot, where their bodies were covered in white cloths before being removed from the site. Many of the corpses were so badly burned that it was difficult to identify them.

The fire erupted at the TRP amusement and theme park, where more than 300 people were present during the summer holiday weekend. The blaze spread rapidly due to the flammable material in the structure, leading to a high number of casualties. The fire officer at the scene mentioned that people got trapped as a temporary structure collapsed near the entrance, hindering their escape. The tragic incident left the survivors traumatized, with vivid memories of the chaos and panic that ensued as they tried to flee the burning building.

Rescue efforts were underway as emergency responders scoured the site to ensure that all victims were accounted for. Many survivors shared harrowing accounts of their experience, with one individual recounting how they had to break through a tin sheet to escape from the first floor of the building. The structure’s layout and lack of proper exits posed challenges for those trying to evacuate, resulting in a high number of casualties. The toll of the victims continued to rise, with police struggling to identify the badly burned bodies.

The amusement park advertised various recreational activities such as trampolining, go-karting, bowling, and paintball on its social media page. Authorities have taken four individuals into custody for questioning regarding the devastating fire. The incident has drawn widespread attention and concern, with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing his distress over the tragedy. Fires remain a common occurrence in India due to widespread issues such as poor building practices, overcrowding, and a lack of adherence to safety regulations, highlighting the urgent need for improved safety measures in public spaces.

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