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Fleet Week has returned to New York City, with members of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps participating in a week of events leading up to Memorial Day. One of the traditional attractions of Fleet Week, the U.S. Navy dive tank, made its appearance in Times Square once again. Navy divers demonstrated their skills in the tank, interacting with visitors and playing games with children. First class Navy diver Christopher Brewer explained the duties of a Navy diver, emphasizing their expertise in salvage and underwater operations.

Brewer, a 10-year Navy diver from Alaska, shared his passion for serving and interacting with the community during Fleet Week. He expressed excitement at showcasing their capabilities to civilians and hoped to provide a sense of belonging during a time of global tensions. Another senior Navy diver, Ryan Ilagan, also expressed enthusiasm for his second Fleet Week, highlighting the opportunity to interact with the people of New York and show the military’s capabilities. The tank demonstration serves as a way to show appreciation for military personnel and civilians alike.

The Parade of Ships featured major vessels like the USS Bataan (LHD-5) from Norfolk, Virginia, and ships from Germany. The event serves as a way to showcase both the fun and work aspects of the military, benefiting both the civilian population and military personnel. Master diver Ilagan reported that the display at Fleet Week has attracted potential recruits who have shown interest in joining the military. Brewer also expressed gratitude for the support his family has provided while he serves on active duty.

Fleet Week kicked off with the Parade of Ships and continued with various events like the World Trade Center Freedom Run and a re-commitment ceremony. Amidst the exciting experiences, both Brewer and Ilagan enjoyed sampling New York City delicacies like bagels and pizza. They appreciated the hospitality and culture of the city while participating in Fleet Week activities. Overall, Fleet Week provides an opportunity for military personnel to interact with the community, showcase their skills, and attract potential recruits to join America’s forces.

The Navy divers highlighted the importance of their duties, which include being experts in salvage and underwater operations. They emphasized the value of interacting with civilians during Fleet Week and providing a sense of belonging amidst global tensions. The festivities and events of Fleet Week, including the Parade of Ships and demonstrations, serve as a way to showcase the military’s capabilities and attract new recruits. Overall, Fleet Week in New York City offers a unique opportunity for military personnel to engage with the public, showcase their skills, and enjoy the culture and cuisine of the city.

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