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The Istana Negara case involved two men aged 29 and 37 attempting to enter the palace compound claiming they wanted to meet the king but were found with a machete in their car and arrested for criminal trespass and possession of an offensive weapon. Professor Ahmad Fauzi suggested that these incidents may reflect society’s dissatisfaction with the country’s economic situation and a perceived threat against Islam, however, he emphasized that the actual reasons should be investigated further. He also noted that these individuals may be targeting the police as authority figures and taking advantage of lax security measures at police stations.

Dr. Haezreena Begum Abdul Hamid, a criminologist, highlighted the impact of these incidents on society, causing people to be on edge and wondering what might happen next. She expressed concern over the emotional state of society in the aftermath of these incidents and noted that there is a need to explore if crime is contagious, especially in the aftermath of major crimes like the attack on the Ulu Tiram police station. She questioned whether the subsequent crimes were attempts to gain notoriety or to taunt the police who are on high alert.

The expert also mentioned that the suspects in these cases may be seeking fame, publicity, and the opportunity to be interviewed by the media, despite the slim chances of success in their actions. Dr. Haezreena called for a deeper exploration of the motives behind these incidents and stressed the need to address the potential contagion effect of crime in the community. She emphasized the importance of understanding the psychological factors that may contribute to these actions and the impact they have on public safety and security.

Overall, the series of incidents involving attempts to breach security at prominent locations such as the Istana Negara have raised concerns about the state of society and the potential motivations behind such actions. Experts have highlighted the need for a comprehensive investigation into the root causes of these incidents, including economic discontent and threats against religion. They have also emphasized the importance of addressing the emotional impact on society and exploring the possibility of crime contagion in the aftermath of major crimes like the attack on the Ulu Tiram police station.

In conclusion, the events surrounding the Istana Negara case and other incidents of breach of security have brought to light the complex issues facing society in Malaysia. The need to understand the motives behind such actions, address the emotional impact on society, and prevent potential contagion effects of crime are key considerations for law enforcement and policymakers. By delving deeper into these issues, it is hoped that steps can be taken to enhance public safety and security while addressing the underlying factors contributing to these incidents.

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