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The Federal Aviation Administration has increased its oversight of United Airlines following a series of safety incidents on their flights. The FAA’s increased scrutiny may result in the airline having to delay future plans due to compliance issues and safety concerns. They will be focusing on ensuring the airline is complying with safety regulations, identifying hazards, and effectively managing safety. Additionally, the FAA will be evaluating the company’s safety management and compliance procedures to address the recent incidents.

One incident that led to the FAA’s heightened oversight involved a United Boeing 737-800 landing in Medford, Oregon, with a missing external panel on March 15. While no passengers were harmed, this was just one of several mishaps involving United flights, all of which have occurred on Boeing jets. These incidents include spewing flames from an engine, sliding off the runway, losing a wheel during takeoff, and trailing hydraulic fluid. The FAA did not specify which future projects may be delayed as a result of their evaluation, but it is reported that they may prevent United from adding new routes and potentially curb the airline’s growth.

United Airlines has informed its employees of the increased FAA presence in their operations as they review various work processes, manuals, and facilities. The airline has stated that the FAA’s review will involve a closer inspection of multiple areas of their operation to ensure compliance with safety standards. These heightened safety concerns come at a time when Boeing, the manufacturer of most of United’s jets, is facing scrutiny for various incidents involving their aircraft. Notably, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 plane lost a door midflight in January, and a LATAM Airlines Boeing plane experienced a sudden plunge during a flight from Sydney to Auckland, injuring passengers.

With the FAA’s increased oversight and evaluation of United Airlines, the airline may face delays in implementing future projects and growth plans. The airline’s safety management and compliance procedures are under scrutiny following a series of safety incidents on their flights involving Boeing jets. The FAA is focusing on ensuring that safety regulations are being followed, hazards are identified and mitigated, and safety is effectively managed across the airline’s operations. It remains to be seen how United Airlines will address these issues and implement necessary changes to ensure the safety of their passengers and crews.

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