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A new technical update has been released for the popular game Escape From Tarkov, and while the patch notes only feature one change, it is a significant one that is completely overhauling the visuals of the game. The update is now available to download and the change that has been implemented is the toning down of fog and haze on all maps. This change is expected to be a major improvement to the overall visual experience of Tarkov.

This change regarding fog and haze has been teased by developer Battlestate Games over the past week, with Nikita hinting at a big change and showcasing it in a few screenshots. Players can now experience the impact of the fog on the visual style of Tarkov for themselves, and the difference is said to be massive. The reduced fog and haze allow players to see much further into the distance on all maps, making it easier to spot enemies across the map and making sniping and long-range combat more viable.

Visually, the game now looks cleaner and less murky, resulting in a brighter and more welcoming look for the Tarkov world. It is a significant shift in the feel of the game and is likely to be well-received by players. However, it should be noted that fog as a weather effect is still present in the game, so players may still encounter a different kind of fog in some raids.

It is surprising that this major change was dropped as a standalone update, especially with a new wipe expected in the upcoming weeks. This type of change is typically associated with larger updates, such as a wipe, but it seems that the developers are conducting tests to determine what changes should be made leading up to the wipe and the eventual launch of the game. Recent events, such as testing out flea market restrictions and adding branching quests with different outcomes based on player choices, indicate that the developers are actively seeking player feedback to improve the game.

In addition to the visual overhaul, other positive news for Tarkov players includes the rollout of the PvE mode to all Edge of Darkness owners and improvements to server stability. These developments indicate that Battlestate Games is committed to enhancing the gameplay experience for all players and addressing any issues that may impact the overall enjoyment of the game. Players can expect more updates and improvements in the future as the developers continue to work on refining Escape From Tarkov.

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