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Rohit Anabheri, CEO of Sakesh Solutions, discussed the challenges and opportunities governments face in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) policies to promote innovation and good governance. He highlighted lessons learned from countries like Canada, Estonia, Singapore, and Germany on how to effectively integrate AI into society and the economy.

Canada has set an example with its Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which emphasizes ethical frameworks and public engagement in AI development. By combining technological and ethical aspects of AI from the beginning, Canada ensures sustainable impacts and benefits for all users, not just billionaires funding the technology.

Estonia’s digital-first governance model extends to its AI policy, focusing on improving public sector efficiency through AI applications. The “KrattAI” strategy demonstrates the importance of pursuing digitalization as a strategic initiative to build solid digital infrastructures for AI deployment, empowering the public through technology.

Singapore stands out with its comprehensive AI governance, offering a clear Model AI Governance Framework that emphasizes responsible and ethical AI usage. By setting high standards for transparency and human-centric AI, Singapore’s approach balances innovation with accountability, gaining the trust of stakeholders in the private sector.

Germany focuses on funding and research in AI, with a strong emphasis on applied AI in industries like autonomous driving, healthcare, and agriculture. By prioritizing research and development, Germany fosters innovation and progress in AI technology, leveraging public-private sector partnerships to strengthen the country’s AI capabilities.

Overall, the examples from Canada, Estonia, Singapore, and Germany highlight common themes and strategies for successful AI policy implementation. The key lesson is to find a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring ethical, social, and economic use of AI through policies that prioritize this equilibrium. By learning from these experiences, policymakers can pave the way for a future where AI technologies are innovative and inclusive for society and businesses.

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