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The plane, Singapore Airlines flight SQ321, experienced severe turbulence causing injuries to many of the passengers. Several sustained spinal injuries from hitting their heads and falling back down. One British man, Geoff Kitchen, passed away on the flight due to a suspected heart attack. Dozens of other passengers were taken to the hospital after the emergency landing at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Passenger Mr. Silverstone expressed his gratitude for surviving the ordeal, praising the crew for their actions. Despite his fear of flying, he still plans to continue his journey to Bali. Many passengers are still receiving treatment in Bangkok hospitals, with some in intensive care. One passenger, British student Daisy, suffered a concussion after hitting her head on the overhead luggage compartment during the turbulence. She noticed that those not wearing seatbelts or moving around the cabin suffered more severe injuries.

Despite the terrifying experience, passengers like Daisy commended the professionalism and service of the Singapore Airlines crew during the incident. The airline arranged a relief flight to transport those fit to travel back to Singapore. Upon arrival, the 131 passengers and 12 crew members were greeted at Changi Airport. Some passengers or their family members were seen at the hospital but declined to speak to the reporters present.

Amidst the tragic events and injuries suffered by those on board SQ321, survivors like Mr. Silverstone and Daisy reflect on their luck and express their gratitude for making it through the ordeal. The airline is praised for their handling of the situation and ensuring that those who can travel were safely transported back to Singapore. The severity of the turbulence and resulting injuries serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel and the importance of safety protocols.

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