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After a devastating thunderstorm tore through Houston, power was restored to hundreds of thousands of homes but remained out in hard-hit areas. The city was drying out over the weekend, but temperatures climbed to around 90 degrees, making conditions difficult for those without air conditioning. More than 350,000 electrical customers were without service, with many struggling to keep cool and deal with spoiled food. CenterPoint Energy, the local electric company, was working to repair lines and restore service, with the goal of reaching 80 percent of affected customers by Sunday evening.

Despite the challenges, some neighborhoods in Houston managed to maintain their routines, with church services continuing and outdoor activities resuming. However, many parents were concerned about their children’s schools, as some were still without power and facing potential delays in reopening. Utility trucks were seen massing in box store parking lots, ready to deploy to affected areas, while residents in hard-hit neighborhoods relied on generators to keep essential appliances running.

The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado briefly touched down near the Cypress area during the storm, causing widespread damage to electrical towers and properties. Signs of the storm’s impact were still visible throughout the city, with cranes working to remove debris and repair structures. Cooling centers were opened to provide relief from the heat, and school districts planned to offer food distribution to those in need.

For many residents, the prolonged power outage was a significant hardship, with some facing their fourth major outage in recent years. Maria Saldana, a longtime resident of the Spring Branch area, expressed frustration at the situation and considered moving due to the ongoing challenges. Despite the difficulties, she maintained a sense of gratitude for having access to water and basic necessities.

As Houston worked to recover from the storm, residents and utility crews continued to address the widespread outages and damage caused by the thunderstorm. The community came together to support one another and navigate the challenges of the recovery process. While the road ahead may be long, the resilience of Houstonians was evident as they worked to rebuild and move forward from the impact of the storm.

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