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Germany secured a draw against Switzerland in injury time due to an impressive header from Niclas Fullkrug, allowing them to advance to the Euro 2024 knockout stages as Group A winners. Switzerland, who put up a strong performance throughout the match and took the lead in the first half, also qualified for the last 16 as the second-place team in the group. Germany started the game well, dominating possession, but Switzerland’s disciplined defense and ability to win challenges kept them from scoring early in the game.

Despite their strong start, Germany struggled to improve after half-time and were at risk of conceding a clincher rather than scoring an equalizer. In the final seconds of injury time, Fullkrug’s header saved the hosts from a concerning night and secured them a place in the knockout stages. Switzerland, while denied a victory, put in an excellent performance that showcased their talent and will make them a tough opponent in the next round. The question on everyone’s mind is how Germany can improve going forward in the competition.

Germany had an impressive start to the tournament, but their performance against Switzerland was a reality check. Kai Havertz struggled in the lone frontman role, and Germany’s midfield play was slow and predictable. The team lacked pace, penetration, and variety, and questions arose about the team’s composition, particularly in the midfield and forward positions. Julian Nagelsmann will need to assess the balance in his team and consider making changes to progress further in the competition.

Manuel Akanji was named the Player of the Match for his stellar performance, covering in behind, attacking the ball, and marshalling Switzerland’s back line. Player ratings for Switzerland highlighted strong performances from key players, including Xhaka, Embolo, and Akanji. In contrast, Germany’s player ratings were mediocre, with most players receiving a 6 rating. Key moments in the match included a disallowed goal for Germany due to a foul, Switzerland taking the lead with a well-executed volley, and Germany equalizing in injury time with a brilliant header.

Switzerland’s qualification for the last 16 marked their sixth consecutive tournament entering the knockout stages, showcasing their consistency and strength as a team. Fans can watch all the action from Paris 2024 on discovery+, the streaming home of the Olympic Games. The match between Germany and Switzerland was a thrilling contest that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, as they look to make a mark in the Euro 2024 competition.

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