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On Friday night at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, a terror attack took place during a sold-out rock concert, resulting in the deadliest terror attack in Russia in two decades, with at least 137 people killed and over 100 injured. One survivor, Efim Fidrya, and his wife hid in a bathroom in the basement during the attack, waiting and holding the door shut as gunfire and screams filled the venue. The attackers, believed to be part of ISIS, started a fire in the complex, forcing the group to wet their t-shirts to breathe before eventually escaping to the street.

Survivors like Tatyana Farafontova described how the concert venue turned from a typical Friday night out to a scene of panic and terror as gunmen entered the hall and began shooting. Videos show the attackers shooting at the entrance before setting the building on fire using explosives and flammable liquid. Many concertgoers initially thought the gunshots were part of the show before realizing the severity of the situation, leading to chaos and confusion in the venue. Some survivors, like Aleksandr Pyankov and his wife, encountered horrific scenes of wounded and deceased victims as they tried to escape the building.

Anastasiya Volkova lost both her parents in the attack, describing how her mother had been looking forward to the concert before being killed. Other victims, like Irina and Pavel Okisheva, had traveled long distances to attend the show, with Mr. Okishev receiving the tickets as an early birthday present. The attack also claimed the life of Alexander Baklemyshev, who had traveled solo from his hometown to see the band Piknik perform. His son, Maksim, last heard from him after he sent a video of the concert hall before the attack, leaving his family with only memories and no closure.

Despite the capture of four assailants and progress in the investigation, survivors like Efim Fidrya are haunted by the memory of the victims and the devastating impact the attack had on so many lives. Fidrya recalls a moment when a husband stood over his dead wife, with burned backs from the fire, as medics tended to the wounded. The man revealed they were from Tver, had been together for 12 years, and had three children. Fidrya acknowledges the trauma endured by individuals like that man, emphasizing that while the survivors may have escaped physically, the emotional scars and loss faced by many will last a lifetime.

The harrowing accounts of survivors paint a picture of the chaos and tragedy that unfolded during the concert attack, leaving an indelible mark on those who experienced it firsthand. Despite the capture of suspects and ongoing investigations, the emotional toll and loss of life resulting from the attack are profound and enduring. The concert venue, once a place of entertainment and joy, was transformed into a scene of terror and devastation, highlighting the fragility of life and the lasting impact of such senseless acts of violence. The resilience of survivors and the outpouring of support in the aftermath of the attack serve as a testament to the strength and solidarity of the human spirit in the face of tragedy.

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