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A crazed homeless man attacked two women in California earlier this month, leaving one briefly unconscious and the other in a coma. Mary Klein, 54, was walking around the canals in Venice, Calif., when Anthony Jones, 29, allegedly ambushed her from behind, knocking her unconscious and causing serious injuries on April 6. Another woman, who was not identified, was also attacked by Jones at the canals, leaving her in a coma.

Klein was walking when Jones knocked her down, bludgeoned her in the head and face, and left her unconscious. After waking up and going home, she did not realize the severity of her injuries until later. The attack resulted in broken teeth, a broken jaw, a large gash on the back of her head, multiple contusions, and bruises on her face and neck. Klein will require multiple surgeries and physical therapy for her injuries.

Following the attack, Klein underwent facial reconstruction and is now up and walking. She expressed her concern for the other victim who was left in a coma and hopes for her recovery. Jones, who is believed to be homeless, was arrested on Friday. Police believe both attacks were random and had a “sexual element” to them, although it is unclear what that entails. Jones was charged with two counts of attempted murder and is being held on a $3.25 million bail.

The home healthcare nurse who survived the attack hopes Jones receives a life sentence and calls for local officials to prioritize mental health, drug issues, and homelessness. The incident highlights the impact of such issues on public safety and the need for better support systems. Klein’s resilience in the face of such a horrific attack serves as a reminder of the strength and courage individuals can exhibit in the aftermath of trauma. The community’s response to the incident will hopefully lead to increased awareness and action to address the root causes of such violence.

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