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Millions of Americans are preparing to hit the road to witness the total solar eclipse, which is expected to cause heavy traffic on 30 interstate highways in its path. Officials are comparing the potential traffic impact to that of 20 or 30 Super Bowls happening simultaneously. State agencies, such as the New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, are gearing up to ensure public safety during this rare celestial event.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has warned residents about the heavy traffic expected in the state during the eclipse. She emphasized the need for drivers to plan ahead, refrain from pulling over on the side of the road during the eclipse, and ensure that they have a full tank of gas. The state is treating the event as they would a major storm in terms of traffic preparation and safety measures.

The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services is taking several measures to ensure public safety during the eclipse. Commissioner Jackie Bray emphasized the importance of following parking rules and regulations, as unauthorized parking may result in ticketing and towing. Motorists are advised to be cautious, especially considering the conditions of “mud season” in some areas of the state.

On the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, authorities have declared a state of emergency ahead of the eclipse in anticipation of up to 1 million visitors descending on the area to witness the event. The eclipse will begin in Dallas around 12:30 p.m. CST and end in Caribou, Maine around 4:40 p.m. EST. Cities in the path of totality will experience a total blackout at various times between these endpoints.

NASA has provided detailed information about peak viewing times for the eclipse, as well as the best places to observe the event. The official ILoveNY website offers a map displaying the path of the eclipse across the state, along with information on the next expected solar eclipse in the region in 2044. With the anticipation of heavy traffic and a surge in visitors, state and local agencies are urging residents to prepare ahead of time and practice caution during this once-in-a-generation celestial happening.

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