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Hillary Clinton criticized her fellow Democrats for not doing enough to protect abortion rights in the years leading up to Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court. She accused her party of underestimating the strength of the pro-life movement and failing to pass legislation to codify abortion rights into federal law. Clinton praised the right for their relentless efforts and organization, lamenting that Democrats lacked a similar infrastructure to counter their influence. She warned that a second Trump administration would be catastrophic for abortion rights and the future of the country.

Clinton expressed frustration at being dismissed as alarmist when she predicted in 2016 that a Trump presidency would lead to the overturning of abortion rights. She warned that failure to make the right decision in the upcoming election could result in a small minority of right-wing forces governing the country and rolling back women’s rights. Clinton emphasized the importance of this election, calling it existential, and urged Americans to take the threat seriously. She criticized the lack of organization and funding on the Democratic side, contrasting it with the well-coordinated efforts of the right.

Former President Trump recently stated that he would not advocate for restrictions on birth control and expressed support for states determining their own laws on abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. Trump also affirmed his support for in vitro fertilization and emphasized being on the side of life, mothers, fathers, and their babies. President Biden and his campaign have raised concerns about a nationwide abortion ban under a Trump administration, while the latest Fox News Poll shows that abortion is a significant issue for various demographic groups, including Democrats, suburban women, very liberals, Black voters, college-educated individuals, and voters under 30.

The publication of Clinton’s interview with The New York Times comes at a time of heightened concern about the future of abortion rights in America. Clinton accused Democrats of complacency and a failure to grasp the seriousness of the threat posed by the pro-life movement. She criticized the lack of organization and funding on the Democratic side, noting that the right was better organized and funded, allowing them to make significant gains in the fight against abortion rights. Clinton warned that a second term for Trump could result in the further erosion of women’s rights.

Clinton’s remarks have sparked a debate within the Democratic Party about the party’s approach to protecting abortion rights and countering the influence of the pro-life movement. Some have echoed her concerns about the lack of organization and funding on the left, while others have called for a more aggressive stance on the issue. The upcoming election is seen as crucial in determining the future of abortion rights in America, with Clinton and others warning that a Trump administration could lead to further restrictions on access to abortion and contraception. The interview highlights the deep divide within the Democratic Party on how to address the threat to abortion rights and the need for a unified and strategic approach moving forward.

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