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Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas had a heartwarming onscreen reunion on the CBS series Tracker, despite the ups and downs between their characters. The episode featured Colter, played by Hartley, finding his next case when a prized horse named Argo went missing. While gathering information from one of the owners, he ran into his ex, Billie, portrayed by Pernas. Their reunion marked the first time Colter and Billie had seen each other since she double-crossed him on a previous job. Despite their history, they ended up teaming up to track down the kidnapper and pursue the $250,000 reward.

This onscreen collaboration marked the third time Hartley and Pernas had worked together. The pair originally met on the set of The Young and The Restless in 2015 and later reconnected, leading to them dating and getting married in 2021. Hartley expressed enthusiasm about starring alongside Pernas in future projects, citing the benefits of carpooling. The episode of Tracker where Colter and Billie crossed paths aired on CBS and streamed on Paramount+ the following day.

As Colter and Billie pursued the same case, their complicated history resurfaced, with references to past betrayals and motivations. Colter accused Billie of selling him out, while Billie defended her actions and suggested they put the past behind them. Colter’s friends also reminded him of Billie’s betrayal, questioning his trust in her. The episode showcased the tension and unresolved feelings between Colter and Billie as they navigated their reluctant partnership.

Despite their contentious history, Colter and Billie found themselves working together and growing closer than expected during the investigation. They shared intimate moments and flirtation, which hinted at underlying feelings between them. The duo was forced to trust each other to survive when they were locked in a burning barn by the kidnapper. Their emotional connection and shared experiences began to pave the way for potential reconciliation and mutual respect.

The resolution of the case led to a separation between Colter and Billie, with a lingering sense of uncertainty about their future interactions. Billie’s departure for another job left Colter reflecting on their time together and the potential for future collaboration. Their final moments together hinted at a possibility for reconciliation, despite the lingering doubts and betrayals that had characterized their past interactions. The episode left viewers with a sense of hope for the future of Colter and Billie’s relationship.

In the end, the case didn’t result in a reward for Colter and Billie due to unforeseen circumstances with Argo’s owner. As they parted ways, Colter acknowledged that working with Billie had been enjoyable, despite the challenges they faced. He attempted to arrange a dinner with her, but Billie had already moved on to her next job. Their bittersweet parting left the door open for potential future collaborations and interactions, hinting at unresolved feelings and possibilities for their relationship.

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