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Hannah Waddingham, a star of the hit TV show Ted Lasso, has faced rejection in her attempts to break into movies and TV throughout her career. Despite winning an Emmy for her role as Rebecca Welton on Ted Lasso, Waddingham has made it clear that she remembers those who wouldn’t give her the time of day and now want to work with her. She keeps a mental list of these people and has no problem telling them to look elsewhere for opportunities.
While her Hollywood career has taken off recently with roles in films such as The Fall Guy and The Garfield Movie, as well as a part in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 8, Waddingham’s path to success was not easy. A drama teacher once told her she would never work on screen due to her appearance, but she was driven to prove them wrong. Despite finding success on the stage in Broadway and London’s West End, she decided to step back from minor TV roles that didn’t fully showcase her talents.
Waddingham’s decision to turn down smaller roles paid off when she landed a significant role as Septa Unella in Game of Thrones. This experience, along with her success on Ted Lasso, has empowered Waddingham to stand up for herself in the industry. She has made it clear that she will not tolerate disrespectful behavior, as demonstrated when she confronted a photographer who asked her to “show leg” at an event.
Having been a leading lady for 22 years in the theater world, Waddingham now refuses to accept minor roles that don’t reflect her talents and experience. She has taken a stand with her agents, letting them know that she won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves. This shift in mindset has allowed Waddingham to pursue more substantial roles that showcase her abilities and lead to greater success in her career.
Despite facing rejection and criticism in the past, Waddingham’s determination and resilience have propelled her to newfound success in Hollywood. With a growing list of impressive film and TV roles under her belt, she has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. By staying true to herself and standing up for what she believes in, Waddingham has shown that perseverance and self-respect can lead to fulfilling and rewarding opportunities in the entertainment world.

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