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Israeli television aired footage on Wednesday of five female army conscripts being seized by Hamas gunmen during an October raid in Gaza. The captives’ families are hoping this footage will pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to a truce with Hamas to secure the hostages’ release. The government released the three-minute clip with subtitles to national and international media in an effort to garner support and bring attention to the captives still held by Hamas.

The footage shows the young women, dressed in pyjamas, being bound and put into a jeep. They appear stunned and some are bloodied. One captive pleads in English, mentioning her friends in Palestine, while the gunmen shout insults and threats in Arabic. The Hostages Families Forum, representing relatives of the 124 people still held by Hamas, says the footage was recovered from bodycams worn by the attackers during the raid on the Nahal Oz base in southern Israel where the women were stationed as surveillance spotters.

Israel claims that 1,200 people were killed and over 250 abducted in the Oct. 7 attack led by Hamas. In response, Israel launched an offensive to eliminate the militant group, resulting in a high number of casualties on both sides. Netanyahu’s government believes that continuous military pressure will eventually lead Hamas to surrender. However, the families of the hostages fear for their loved ones’ safety, worrying about potential abuse and assault, especially for the women captives. Hamas has denied allegations of sexual abuse by its members, claiming they are false.

The Forum representing the hostage families is urging the Israeli government to return to negotiations immediately to secure the release of the captives. They stress that time is of the essence, as every minute their loved ones spend in captivity is crucial. Parents like Orly Gilboa, whose daughter Daniela is a hostage, are pleading for any action that can be taken to bring their family members home safely. The emotional toll on the families is immense, as they fear for the well-being and survival of their loved ones in captivity.

As part of their efforts to gain international support, Israel’s Foreign Ministry is showing the footage to ambassadors of Ireland, Norway, and Spain. These ambassadors were summoned to protest their governments’ preparations to recognize a Palestinian state. The video screening aims to highlight the plight of the captives and appeal for assistance in securing their release. The families of the hostages continue to advocate for their return, emphasizing the urgency of the situation and the importance of international intervention to bring an end to the ordeal.

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