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Family and friends of missing Illinois boy Timmothy Pitzen believe that he is alive and living in a religious community with no access to the outside world or the internet, possibly unaware of his true identity. The boy’s paternal grandmother, Linda Pitzen, has a theory that Timmothy’s mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, gave him away to Mormons in May 2011, just days before she killed herself, leaving a cryptic suicide note behind. In the note, Amy reassured her family that Timmothy was safe and being cared for by others who loved him, but warned that he would never be found. Linda and her family believe Timmothy is still alive and are searching for him.

Amy Fry-Pitzen took Timmothy out of school early on May 11, 2011, under the pretense of a family emergency. After cutting off communication with her family for 48 hours, she spoke briefly with her mother and husband’s brother on May 13, stating they would be home soon. The boy was heard in the background of the call before Amy turned off her phone, leaving its last location in Sterling, Illinois. Amy was found dead in a motel room in Rockford, Illinois on May 14, her death ruled a suicide. Timmothy was never found, leading to speculation about his whereabouts.

Timmothy’s former classmate, Hannah Soukup, believes that Amy gave him to individuals who were instructed to keep him hidden from the world. She suspects that Amy may have placed him in a religious area or commune where he would be safe and kept away from the internet to prevent him from realizing he was missing. Linda Pitzen supports this theory, hoping that Timmothy is living in a compound and is safe, rather than facing other possibilities. The family holds out hope for Timmothy’s return and hopes that advancements in technology will help in locating him.

Linda Pitzen believes that Amy may have given Timmothy to live in a compound based on clues from the suicide note and Amy’s actions leading up to her death. She is optimistic that Timmothy is still alive and living somewhere where he is cared for and safe. Timmothy’s former classmate also believes that if he reappears, it will be of his own accord and that he has been hidden from the world by those whom Amy entrusted him to. The family continues to search for Timmothy and is hopeful that new technology will aid in discovering his whereabouts.

Investigators found dirt and grass under Amy’s car that was analyzed to be from northern Illinois, suggesting she visited a particular location before her death. Hannah Soukup believes advances in technology can help determine where the dirt came from and potentially lead to locating Timmothy. The family remains hopeful for Timmothy’s return, believing that he is still alive and awaiting his reemergence. Linda Pitzen and others close to Timmothy are holding on to the hope that he is safe and protected in the religious community or commune where he was placed by his mother.

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