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Three individuals are being accused of running a sophisticated commercial sex ring that catered to wealthy and well-connected clientele in the Boston, Massachusetts, and Eastern Virginia areas. Han “Hana” Lee, James Lee, and Junmyung Lee are accused of running this operation, where clients paid up to $600 per hour for a variety of sexual acts. The trio conducted their business in Watertown and Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as in Virginia, and advertised their services through the websites and

The websites initially claimed to advertise nude models for professional photography, but in reality, they offered appointments with commercial sex workers. Han was responsible for maintaining and updating the website with the photos of the sex workers. The websites also featured a verification process for potential clients, requiring them to provide personal information such as their full names, email addresses, phone numbers, employers, and references. This process aimed to ensure that clients were not law enforcement or posed a risk to the safety of the commercial sex workers.

The group also offered a “menu” where buyers could choose their preferred sexual companions. They allegedly concealed the proceeds of their prostitution network by depositing cash into personal bank accounts and using peer-to-peer transfers. The trio was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy to coerce individuals to engage in prostitution and money laundering conspiracy. All three defendants were arraigned in person in February 2024, and since then, plea discussions have been ongoing.

The attorney’s office produced discovery from electronic devices on March 5 and May 30, 2024, indicating progress in the case. U.S. Magistrate Judge David Hennessy reported that plea discussions have been taking place between the parties involved in the case. The indictment noted that Han maintained and updated the website with photos of the sex workers, suggesting a level of orchestration and organization within the operation. The thorough verification process for potential clients aimed to ensure the safety and security of the commercial sex workers involved.

The trio ran a high-dollar sex business catering to wealthy clients, offering various sexual acts for up to $600 per hour. The indictment highlighted the use of websites to advertise the services and included a verification process for potential clients. The defendants are facing charges of conspiracy to coerce individuals into prostitution and money laundering. The ongoing plea discussions indicate that the case may be moving towards a resolution, resulting in potential agreements between the accused and the authorities.

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