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A Tennessee judge has deferred ruling on an attempt to sell Graceland, Elvis Presley’s former home in Memphis, but has kept a temporary injunction in place to prevent the property from going to auction. The lawsuit was filed by Riley Keough, Mr. Presley’s granddaughter, to prevent what her lawyers claim is a fraudulent attempt to auction the home by a company alleging that Lisa Marie Presley had borrowed $3.8 million and put Graceland up as collateral before her death in 2023. At a hearing in Chancery Court in Shelby County, Tenn., the judge said he needed more evidence and representation from the defendants before a ruling could be made.

The defendants, including Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC, had scheduled a sale of Graceland for Thursday, but a man named Gregory Naussany filed a request to continue the case. Lawyers for Ms. Keough argued that the company was a false entity and had presented fake documents claiming Ms. Presley had borrowed the money and used Graceland as collateral. Attempts to reach Naussany Investments through provided contact information were unsuccessful, casting doubt on the legitimacy of their claims.

Graceland is a popular tourist attraction and a significant source of income for Elvis Presley Enterprises and the family trust controlled by Ms. Keough. The potential sale of the property raised concerns about the impact on the family finances and the future of the estate. The lawsuit brought by Ms. Keough aims to protect the property from a possibly fraudulent auction that could have serious repercussions for the Presley family and business interests associated with Graceland.

The judge’s decision to defer ruling on the case leaves the status of Graceland unresolved for the time being. The court will await further evidence and representation from the defendants before making a final decision regarding the attempted sale of the property. The legal battle over the future of Graceland highlights the complex issues surrounding estate management and the potential for exploitation or fraud in high-profile cases involving valuable assets and celebrity estates.

The ongoing legal dispute over Graceland underscores the challenges faced by heirs and beneficiaries in protecting valuable assets and ensuring the proper management of estates. The case has drawn widespread attention due to the iconic status of Graceland and its associations with Elvis Presley, making it a high-profile example of estate-related legal conflicts. The resolution of the lawsuit will have significant implications for the future of Graceland and the Presley family’s legacy.

As the legal proceedings continue, the fate of Graceland remains uncertain, with the possibility of a future auction still looming. The outcome of the case will determine whether the property remains in the hands of the Presley family or is subject to potential sale to unknown parties. The legal battle over Graceland serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of estate planning and the need to protect valuable assets from potential exploitation or misuse.

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