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Former Tottenham Hotspur player and current TNT Sports expert Glenn Hoddle has praised the positive changes implemented by manager Ange Postecoglou at the club. Hoddle believes that Postecoglou has successfully transformed a “toxic” culture that was present before his arrival. The Australian manager has become a fan favorite since joining from Celtic, and has high expectations for the team going into next season, aiming for a title push.

Postecoglou took over the managerial position at Tottenham following the departure of Antonio Conte, who was sacked last summer. His arrival has been met with enthusiasm from fans and players alike, with many noting the positive impact he has had on the team. Under his guidance, the club has seen an improvement in their performance and results, with hopes of challenging for the title in the upcoming season.

Postecoglou’s management style has been praised for its ability to change the atmosphere and culture within the club. His focus on teamwork, discipline, and a positive mindset has resonated with the players and has helped to create a more cohesive and supportive environment. His leadership has been a key factor in the team’s success and has been instrumental in turning around the toxic culture that previously existed within the club.

Hoddle’s comments highlight the significance of Postecoglou’s impact on the club and the importance of his leadership in changing the team’s mentality. The positive changes that have been made under his guidance have been noticed by fans and experts, who are optimistic about the team’s prospects moving forward. With Postecoglou at the helm, Tottenham Hotspur has a renewed sense of purpose and determination, setting their sights on a title challenge in the near future.

Postecoglou’s hands-on approach and focus on building a strong team ethos have been key factors in the club’s transformation. His emphasis on creating a positive and supportive environment has helped to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the players, enabling them to work together towards a common goal. This team spirit and cohesion have translated into improved performances on the pitch, with the players demonstrating a greater level of commitment and determination under his leadership.

Overall, Hoddle’s observations underscore the positive impact that Postecoglou has had on Tottenham Hotspur since his arrival. The manager’s ability to instill a new culture and mentality within the club has been instrumental in improving the team’s performance and results. With his leadership and guidance, Tottenham Hotspur has seen a marked improvement in their performance and has set ambitious goals for the future, including a title push in the upcoming season.

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