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Gillian Anderson, best known for her role in The Crown as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, recently stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she believes the series ended at the right spot and should not continue to serialize the current health battles of King Charles III and Princess Kate Middleton. Anderson feels that the show being set further in the past allowed for a better disconnect and relationship with the characters on screen. She is currently starring in another royal-inspired project, Scoop, as British journalist Emily Maitlis, which focuses on Prince Andrew’s BBC interview about his sexual misconduct scandal.

Despite her involvement in projects about the British royals, Anderson remains firm in her belief that King Charles III and Princess Kate Middleton’s health struggles should not be the subject of a movie or TV show. She feels that they have asked for privacy and peace during this time, and it is important to respect their wishes and provide space for them to process as human beings. In February, Buckingham Palace confirmed that Charles had been diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer following a corrective prostate procedure, and Kate revealed her own cancer diagnosis a month later. Both have limited their public appearances as they undergo treatment, with Charles only attending a few audiences at the palaces and Kate and William not expected to attend Easter mass.

The final episodes of The Crown introduced a young Prince William as he met his now-wife Kate at college in the early 2000s. Anderson believes that the show ended at the right spot, as it was getting too close to present day, and it is easier for viewers to disconnect when the events are set further in the past. She also emphasized the need to give Charles and Kate a break from the public eye during this difficult time, respecting their wishes for privacy as they navigate their health battles. Despite the fictional nature of the series, the portrayal of real-life events and characters has sparked interest and conversation among viewers.

Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher on The Crown earned her critical acclaim, and she is now starring in another royal-inspired project, Scoop, as British journalist Emily Maitlis. This film delves into Prince Andrew’s bombshell BBC interview about his sexual misconduct scandal, shedding light on another controversial royal event. The actress’s involvement in multiple projects centered around the British royals has given her insight and perspective on the impact of portraying real-life events and characters on screen.

As Charles and Kate undergo treatment for their respective health battles, they have chosen to limit their public appearances and focus on their recovery. Despite the challenges they are facing, they continue to fulfill their royal duties to the best of their abilities. Anderson’s comments on the need for privacy and respect during this time highlight the importance of allowing individuals, even those in the public eye, to process their struggles in peace. The delicate balance between entertainment and real-life events is at the forefront of discussions surrounding royal-inspired projects like The Crown and Scoop.

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